Technology solutions

For schools and colleges who really want to go to the next level with their bus services, there are a number of areas we can work in to complement your core service. A key area which is becoming increasingly popular is the development of a bespoke mobile app to publicise and manage your school bus service. Fed by the same database as our VecTive system, our school bus service apps incorporate timetable and fare information, live disruption updates and booking capabilities, offering parents and pupils a seamless one-stop-shop for managing their home to school travel.

In conjunction with this, we also offer a staff app for managing pupil transport, both for home to school journeys and also for other journeys made throughout the school day on coaches and minibuses. This app incorporates the facility to register pupils electronically, so you instantly know who is on every vehicle. This information is invaluable in the event of an accident or incident on-board. Individual staff members can also send manual updates from their device. The system interfaces with our online private hire booking system, minimising the amount of administration your staff have to do.

Passenger surveys

Passenger surveys are another area where you can add value to your school bus service; crucially, they show pupils and parents that you care about and value their opinion. Whether conducted on a rolling or annual basis, or ad hoc to respond to specific problems, passenger surveys provide a wealth of information which can then be interpreted by our transport consultants. We typically work with electronic surveys, but can also facilitate paper based data collection and entry, to ensure that everybody gets the chance to have their say.

Printed publicity

We can also assist when it comes to printed publicity for your school bus services. No matter how good your digital publicity is, the look, feel (and smell!) of a printed brochure alongside online content cannot be beaten. Our transport experience gives us an understanding of the key features that must be present in bus service publicity, and our designers have creative flair in spades to make buses as eye-catching and exciting as possible – OK, they’re buses. But we can try!

Bespoke solutions that work for you

Every single client we work with is unique, and our service reflects that. So whether you’ve seen something you like the look of, or you have another type of transport problem that needs solving, we can probably help you out. Contact us on 0115 777 3035 or at

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