Surveying and compliance

Protect your most vulnerable residents

Local authorities are responsible for delivering statutory and non-statutory transport services to some of the most vulnerable people in society – schoolchildren, the elderly, people with additional needs and the rurally isolated. All of these people deserve the highest standards of transport provision, whether they travel to and from school in a taxi, use a community minibus to get to a lunch club or commute to work on a subsidised bus service.

See your services through the eyes of a service user

On any individual journey, passengers only come into contact with a couple of your subcontractors’ employees. Most will interact only with the driver of their vehicle, whilst some passengers will also engage with an on board courier or assistant, or your office team. Whilst to members of staff these interactions are merely part of their day-to-day job, it is important to remember that their actions will have a significant impact on the people they are transporting. You want this impact to be positive rather than negative.

Encourage a culture of high quality delivery

Your passengers will notice and appreciate good customer service, whilst being justifiably critical if they have a poor experience, and they, and the people they socialise with, are likely to remember this when it comes to election time. Mystery shopping is an excellent tool for keeping service standards high and rewarding subcontractors’ employees for upholding these standards, whilst also ensuring that where problems do occur, they can be identified and rectified swiftly.

In the age of government cut-backs, mystery shopping and compliance operations are all too often regarded as expensive luxuries. This could not be further from the truth; without eyes on the ground, how can you know that your subcontractors are delivering what you are paying them for? Mystery shopping doesn’t just improve standards for service users; it is essential so that you know that you are getting value for money for your taxpayers.

Take advantage of Vectare’s operational excellence

Every single Vectare mystery shopper is directly employed by us. All have extensive experience in the transport industry, and they receive specific training relevant to both the overall role and each and every client. We understand the importance of accurate, discreet and considerate reporting, and our feedback is constructive and professional, intended to be used for both reward and retraining. Where required it can be used to re-educate members of staff, and identify additional training needs, but the results are also invaluable for recognising and rewarding people working at the top of their game.

Make use of a wide range of services

Our compliance operations cover a wide range of factors including:

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