Service design and delivery

Do your subsidised services meet your residents' needs?

Your network of supported bus services will provide a valuable lifeline to people who would otherwise be totally isolated, or unable to access essential shops and services. It is important for local authorities to ensure that supported bus services continue to meet the needs of the people they serve, whilst also delivering value for money to the taxpayer.

How can you do more with less? We can help you find financial savings with minimal negative impacts.

Our service design services perfectly complement our surveying and compliance offering, making use of primary and secondary data to recast supported bus service networks. Whether you want to convert timetabled rural bus routes to a demand responsive service, review school bus services to increase capacity or offer transport to a new adult social care facility, Vectare can help. Our experienced transport consultants will work closely with your officers, transport providers and, most importantly, your end users, so that they get the high standard of service they deserve at a price you can afford.

Let us make your transport work for you.

We can also offer the services of our expert service delivery team, who are all extremely experienced when it comes to delivering high quality public transport. From contingency planning for roadworks and traffic delays, to remote provision of customer service staff, Vectare can manage every aspect of your supported bus networks on your behalf, giving you peace of mind that your residents are receiving world-class service, at a price which makes sense. We can also coordinate other specific transport requirements, whether this is for a one-off event where you need to move people or on a continuous basis.

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