Service design and delivery

A properly designed school bus service is a hugely valuable marketing asset. It expands your catchment area, saves parents time and reduces congestion around your site – improving your reputation within the local community. But too many schools run networks which have not been reviewed for several years – if ever. Sometimes the route is dictated by the location of the bus depot or the capacity of the vehicle, rather than being based on actual levels of transport demand.

For you to get maximum value out of your school bus service, you need to go right back to the start. We offer a three stage package called Create, Manage, Review to deliver operational excellence in home to school transport.

Create and consult

Vectare are specialists at school bus network design and management, and we can work with you to create a network which works for your pupils, and your marketing goals. We synthesise data from a number of sources, including passenger and driver surveys, focus groups, pupil data and staff feedback, carefully considering the most efficient routes for your buses. We also work with your transport providers, seeking their feedback on specific problems which they would like solving – such as repeated late running due to a certain section of a route.

Manage and maintain

Once a network has been developed, it then needs to be managed on a day-to-day basis. Some schools do opt to do this in house, but we recommend letting our specialist transport managers and customer service consultants handle everything on your behalf. Using a specialist is always more efficient because we manage transport on a daily basis – practice makes perfect!

We will respond to queries and complaints from parents and pupils, oversee the management of lost property and revenue protection and liaise with your transport providers where service delivery issues arise. Our teams frequently touch base with you, keeping your team fully updated on any longer term issues and how we are managing them.

Review and revise

Finally, at the end of every academic year, we carry out a comprehensive review of your school bus service. We follow a similar process to that which we follow when creating a network from scratch, consulting all the relevant stakeholders and making use of our own data as well. We propose the changes to you, and once approved we implement these, communicating with parents and transport providers and updating digital publicity as required.

Get a free transport audit

If you know that your school bus network hasn’t been updated as frequently as it ought to be, or you’re not happy with the service you are delivering to your pupils, let us know; we want to help. We are offering every UK school a free transport audit to assess their current provision and highlight areas for improvement, so take advantage of this offer and contact us on 0115 777 3035 or at

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