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Why do I need transport?

Your retail outlet relies on a steady stream of customers, ready to spend and wanting to return. But in the fiercely competitive retail sector, firms are increasingly needing to think outside the box when it comes to differentiating themselves from their competitors. The provision of free or subsidised transport to customers is a highly effective method for doing this, making you the retailer of choice in the localities served by that transport. Would-be customers analyse a huge number of factors when deciding where to shop, and the ease of accessing a location is of crucial importance. In particular, customers who don’t drive will favour the retailer who makes it easy to get to them.

Will it increase my revenue?

Offering transport to your customers is a sure-fire way of driving sales revenue up, especially where you are just one of many similar retail outlets in a locality. Customers will take the path of least resistance, so if you offer them a direct bus that stops at the front door of your store – even closer than people who drive can get – then they will undoubtedly favour you over the competition.

Even in situations where you are the only retailer of your type in a local area, offering transport can still increase revenue because it increases your accessibility. Non-drivers, the elderly and younger customers may struggle to access your shop at all if it requires a car to get there, so providing alternative transport is likely to capture revenue that would otherwise have been lost altogether. We can help you to target your routes so that you are serving the right demographic of people, making sure that your investment in transport works as hard as possible.

Won’t it be really expensive?

Providing transport to your customers is often cheaper than you think. Bus, coach and taxi operators typically own enough vehicles to handle their peak demands – at rush hour in the case of buses and late at night for taxi firms. During the day, demand is lower, so there will be hundreds of high quality vehicles across the UK sat doing nothing that you could make use of during your opening hours. These will be made available to you at a low price because they would not otherwise be earning their owners any money.

In addition, transport provision delivers other benefits. You can often afford to have a smaller car park, perhaps allowing you to expand your store without relocating, and you will reduce the amount of congestion on the approach to your site. This is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction across your entire customer base – it doesn’t matter how good your retail offering is, if customers have to queue to get to it, they will go elsewhere.

How do I know what to offer?

Once you have decided that you are going to offer transport to your customers, you have to decide how you are going to design your service. Will you offer taxis or buses? Will they be free or just subsidised? Where will they go and how frequent will they be? This is where Vectare can help. As an experienced transport consultancy, our team can work with your store managers and marketing teams to deliver a bespoke solution which is right for every store. We will take care of any regulatory concerns that may arise with regard to offering the service, and we can also source the transport for you using our contacts in the bus and coach industry.

Who will manage it for me?

We can also offer the services of our expert service delivery team, who are all extremely experienced when it comes to getting your transport to run on schedule. Depending on your needs, and the scale of the operation, we can place staff on the ground – on vehicles and/or at your venue – to manage the operation. Alternatively, for smaller operations we can work with your chosen transport operators in advance, creating a delivery plan so your customers receive a seamless and faultless transport experience.

How can I let my customers know what’s on offer?

As part of our service design and delivery solutions, Vectare can create attractive and intuitive publicity material to advertise your transport provision to intending customers. Whether you want dedicated transport publicity, or it needs to be integrated into your wider marketing material, we can assist, working in both print and digital media.

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