Our story

Vectare was the brainchild of Peter Nathanail and Dominic Kalantary, two university students who thought that they could offer something different to the public transport industry. In particular, they recognised a niche for helping schools and bus operators provide high quality information and service delivery to their passengers, taking advantage of cutting edge technology to deliver operational excellence at competitive prices.

Vectare now offers a wide range of services to the transport, education, retail and entertainment sectors, all focused on improving customer service whilst simultaneously driving savings through increased efficiency.

We love transforming problems into solutions, and the more challenging the problem, the better, as far as we are concerned. In particular, we specialise in solving tricky problems at short notice; our entire team is ready to swing into action at a moment's notice. Whether you are taking on a set of bus services overnight after the collapse of another operator, you've been let down by your technology provider and you need someone to pick up the pieces or you need to coordinate the movement of hundreds of people in just a few hours, we can help. Not only can we help, we would love to - Peter in particular is a great fan of a midnight phone call with a problem to solve! Remember, if you need assistance, any time (day or night), just call 0115 777 3035.

Our Directors

The company is still owned 100% by Peter and Dominic, who manage our day to day operations. They are also heavily involved with ongoing work themselves, frequently meeting clients and coordinating project delivery.

Peter Nathanail


Dominic Kalantary


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