Online publicity for school buses

Bespoke publicity for school and college buses

VecTive, our recently launched flagship product, is specifically designed for bus and coach operators who operate school and college bus services. Based on standard code, VecTive tackles three major issues faced by operators responsible for education transport:

A bespoke system – at a mass-market price

VecTive solves all of these problems, improving the customer experience and operator efficiency at every stage of the customer journey. The VecTive system is standardised, meaning that the cost per route is very low. However, we brand the system in your house colours, with your logo, so passengers see a high quality, bespoke website, but you pay a fraction of the cost of having one designed specifically for you.

Revenue maximising technology

Our website incorporates innovative technology to guide prospective passengers towards the right route for them, with a postcode search highlighting the closest bus stop to their location. Passengers can then view the bus stop location on Google Maps, and see timetable and fare information, before proceeding to the booking phase. Postcode search data is also recorded, allowing you to discover where potential passengers want to travel from. This data will prove invaluable to your route planners when reviewing the network.

Expensive administration eliminated

It is our online booking system which delivers the most benefits to the transport operators; gone are the piles of paper forms which need entering into Excel. Instead, passengers complete the form online (it typically takes 1-2 minutes) and the data is then supplied to the operator in whatever format works best for you. Passenger manifests, bus passes and personalised emails can all be generated and distributed automatically, with no need for a human to touch the data. Operators can also log in to a secure online portal to download data electronically, meaning up-to-date data is available anytime, anywhere.

Click here to see at VecTive being used by one of our clients!

Looks good? Wait until you hear the price!

VecTive is available to bus operators from just £10 per route per month, dependent on the scope of your network. If you want more information, or you would like a quote for creating VecTive for your school bus network, please get in touch. Give us a call on 0115 777 3035 or email us at

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