Compliance and surveying

On any individual journey, passengers only come into contact with a couple of your employees. Most will interact only with their bus or coach driver, and a few will also engage with your customer services department or an inspector. Your customers will recognise and appreciate good customer service, and your employees will appreciate recognition for delivering that service. Mystery shopping is an excellent tool for keeping standards high and rewarding employees for upholding these standards.

Why Vectare?

There is an abundance of generic mystery shopping companies who offer their services to bus operators. However, these companies rarely offer specific training to their shoppers, and in many cases shoppers are self-employed, working on a casual basis. You need to be confident that the investment you are making into mystery shopping is a worthy one, and selecting a specialist company gives you that confidence.

Experienced teams

Every single Vectare mystery shopper is directly employed by us. All have worked in the transport industry previously, and they receive specific training relevant to both the overall role and each and every client.

Range of services

Our compliance operations cover a wide range of factors including:

Useful, useable feedback

Our feedback is constructive and professional, intended to be used for both reward and retraining. Where required it can be used to re-educate drivers, and identify additional training needs, but the results are also invaluable for recognising drivers at the top of their game.

Boost staff morale

Whether you run seasonal Driver Award Ceremonies, issue commendations for specific examples of good service, or simply pass on praise verbally, our mystery shopping is sure to identify high performing drivers. These employees will be highly sought after, and knowing that managers notice and appreciate their skills will be extremely positive for driver retention.

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